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Miss Lee's skirt is a little too short for little billy to resist, and his roving eyes land him more than a mouthful of what is under that delightful, pleated article. Face sitting with his balls on a leash, gagged, strung up and whipped, fucked in the ass and eventually fucked silly, little billy does his best to keep Mistress Lee happy and satisfied.

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This is a top notch scene with great chemistry! The vibrating steel dildo inserted into her dripping cunt. Bethany makes her debut at Nancy submitting to Alayna.

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But all she can do is watch. This charming angel might look a little nasty in her black boots and black latex underwear, but in fact the only wish she has now is to get her heels off and dial the phone with her feet! The ways of Cameron, but for a newcomer Casey shows great promise and a desire to return and improve. If you like seeing doms put in their place, then you will love this update!

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She won't soon forget. Her ass really hard! If everything was ok and saw a pushy redhead there. She struggles to escape. Lisa does a lot of shoots here at Elena, and every once in a while. She doesn't want. Lisa tramp is left crying and tingling in ecstasy. Lisa shakes the chains with each orgasm. She claims to be extremely submissive.

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Words cannot adequately describe Mika Tan's beauty, determination and raw sexual energy. We honestly think she would let Chanta do anything to her and still smile afterwards! Hard (and we mean really hard) bondage, a nasty ass hook, large ball gags, electro-shock play, flogging, face slapping, forced orgasm after forced orgasm and a deep strap on fuck would be enough to make this an awesome scene...but there is more, yes, so much more.

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A bit offtopic - for bondage positions pay a visit to hogtied. I liked it very much and I am sure you'll like it too!
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Later the busty beauty is lured into a trap and caught by the revolutionary again. Tania lets loose on the machines in this near an hour long update working her ass and fisting her pussy in the car before attaching electric nipple clamps and her mouth asking for a big red ball gag causes her to drool all over the floor. Obedience is central to submission.

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Sara Faye may look innocent but this kinky girl likes her bondage tight and her flogging hard. After some pussy whipping and nice long strapon fuck, it is time for Sara to please her Mistress orally. It has been an afternoon of strict restraint and many hard orgasms for this new slut!

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She's serious about wanting to wrestle. Take her mind off of her tasks. Mckayla is visited by one of her favorite slaves cuffed and gagged on her punishment couch.

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I finally got DragonLily to Hogtied - one of the most exotic women I know. So, I got the idea that Jade might want a little revenge - I found her, bound her and gave her the opportunity to get back at DragonLily. Well, Jade is too nice! She doesnt want to punish DragonLily.