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Summer twists and turns trying to free herself. Summer wiggles and squirms but she can't escape the ropes. Summer forced her to strip and spread her legs the rope on her neck would get tighter and that was totally hot.

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Nikkis locked in an extremely confining cage with a heavy bell helmet that adds to her sensory deprivation. Threat of torture and a period of immobility ramp up her orgasms. Mr. Pogo, propped inside of her, shudders with every scream. Fluid streams from Nikkis cunt. The fucking machine only makes Nikki scream louder. And afterward, the fucking machines cock is milky with girl.

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Maya and Karma, two erotic,amazingly beautiful girls! Maya and Karma battle it out. Bondage, and ideas by Blaze.

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Brittney is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. Brittney is visited by one of her favorite slaves cuffed and gagged on her punishment couch. Brittney miss this match! Brittney is a true piece of meat slave, pain slut and masochist.

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They are always pleading for something. When she is getting caned or whipped her looks scream for mercy. Whenever she is getting fucked or vibrated you can almost hear her begging for more. She loves humiliation and pain, fucking and sucking, and she especially loves doing it for PD.

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Hailee was giving the officer an attitude so the guard decided to show off how good she looks in her long skirt and what seems to me like a bikini top. She wakes, she is also forced to endure a painful hogtie while wearing the humiliating harness gag. Lastly, Hailee fucks her in the slave quarters for the evening to make her video journals and do her homework. Succulent Hailee is dominated by luscious vixen Carlie for your pleasure.

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He is ball gagged and tied to a cold, bare chair in the asylum where Miss Sandra proceeds with the interrogation. Failing the simple questions, little billy is flogged, slapped, and the nipple clamps are applied. little billy tries his best, but it's not good enough, and ends up pulling out panting heavily.

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